How to Inject Colour into Your Home This Spring

Spring has officially sprung! This means it’s time to get rid of the heavy fabrics, dark colours and fluffy blankets and embrace natural materials, lighter fabrics and brighter shades in your home. Here are our top tips to inject colour into your home this spring:
Paint your front door
Consider a new shade for your front door. A colourful entrance will set the tone for the rest of your home. Blue is known to be the best colour for helping your sell your property, so perhaps opt for a royal blue, teal, cornflower or powder blue to brighten up your home. Alternatively, popular shades include green, yellow and red.
A feature wall

If you’re working with a smaller room, coloured walls can sometimes make the space seem even smaller. If you’re tentative to use bright colours on your walls, find balance by painting or wallpapering one wall, or an alcove for a subtle alternative.
Paint your floors
This trend has become increasingly popular, particularly for those with hardwood floors. When we think of repainting a room, the walls seem the obvious choice, but a neutral wall with a painted floor can add a quirky twist to any room and is much more interesting to the eye.
Painting furniture and furnishings
Whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, an old chest of drawers or a dressing table, a paint job can completely transform your room without having to redecorate the walls, ceilings or flooring. Upcycling is a huge trend in 2022, particularly for those looking to live more sustainably.

You may not necessarily want to invest in brand new furniture, so an affordable way to inject colour into your décor is by accessorising. Choose a colour and look for cushions, throws, rugs and curtains in various shades for an elevated look. In your kitchen, consider colourful appliances to brighten up the space, whilst in your bathroom, invest in vibrant towels you can switch out each season.
Hang artwork
For art-lovers, buying new artwork for your home is not only a fun day out, but it can instantly draw focus in any given room. For spring, choose colourful pieces such as pop art, landscapes or floral art.
If you don’t have the budget to completely redecorate, hanging a mirror that reflects a particularly colourful piece of furniture, such as an armchair, will automatically give the feeling of a brighter, more vibrant room, but also make the room appear bigger, too.

Flowers and plants are an easy way to make your home seem brighter and colourful, particularly in the warmer months. If you’re not going to be home too often, there are some great faux plant options available to order online which obviously require much less maintenance.
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